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Pantomime CEO on NPR’s On Point – Beyond Pokemon GO

Today the Pokemon GO phenomenon is ground zero for a new revolution in mass, consumer augmented reality experiences. Virtual reality innovator and Pantomime CEO David Levitt spoke on “NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook” panel about Pokemon GO and the fast-arriving future of augmented and virtual reality for ordinary people. Live Wednesday, July 13th at 11:00am EST […]

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Scoble in VR with no headset

Robert Scoble Discovers Pantomime Networked Virtual Reality

“This is the gateway drug for Oculus — and the coolest s[tuff]* for Christmas!” This week tech and AR/VR journalist Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) spent an hour with the Pantomime software team, reaching into networked VR worlds, and never had to put on a headset!  Amid virtual worlds that included live interactive creatures in the Bug Farm, a Bowling alley, Dominos, […]

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Mantises iPads and Dirt Disks HD

Pantomime Introduces Networked Virtual/Augmented Reality with Bug Farm Apps

Sebastopol, CA Pantomime Corporation has today released the first interactive augmented reality software that runs networked across iPads, iPhones and Macs, without requiring a virtual reality headset, glasses, or other special hardware.  The software, now available in the App Store and Mac App Store as “Pantomime Bug Farm”, lets users reach in and play with virtual […]

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iPad Pro

New Apple TV and iPad Pro Perfect for Pantomime

It’s often a magical holiday when Apple introduces new products, especially for Pantomime. This September’s announcements are a delight in both expected and unexpected ways. We were hoping there’d be an iPad Pro product introduction in our stocking, and we weren’t disappointed. The extra large tablet screen widens the field of view for our unique […]

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Screenshot 2015-05-18 03.24.38

Virtual Reality Meets Ubiquitous Computing

At Pantomime Corporation we often say “Reach into Virtual Worlds” and “immersive reality” because we know that when people hear “virtual reality”, they picture a display worn over a user’s eyes — and we do so much more than that.  In fact, the definition of “virtual reality” has changed over the years, and thanks to Ubiquitous […]

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Pantomime Featured at Founders Space Pitch Day

Pantomime Corporation is delighted to be the featured startup demonstrating at Founders Space Pitch Day in San Francisco this afternoon.  We’re showing Pantomime Playground™ as we launch the revolutionary Pantomime™ virtual reality platform platform — that runs on all your computers, supports multiplayer games, doesn’t require a headset and lets anyone reach into virtual worlds […]

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Pantomime Playground is Coming

Pantomime Just Turned Virtual Reality Inside Out

Psst. Pantomime Corporation just turned virtual reality inside out, made it interactive, mobile, and multiplayer, made it run on most computers with no new hardware, and made those geeky headsets optional. We can hardly wait to talk about it — but since we’re Pantomime, first we’ll share it in a hilarious, magical 2 minute video […]

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