Pantomime With Apple’s Revolutionary New ARKit

Real-time shared Augmented Reality is here
with Pantomime Creatures AR.

Pantomime’s Creatures AR introduces a new kind of Augmented Reality that immerses iPads and iPhones in a real-time 3D world and lets you capture creatures wherever you are.

You can toss them food, watch them eat and grow, and shove them with your tablet or phone into a 3D creature collection basket as you move through the virtual world. And since creatures and objects collide realistically, you can knock them into the basket with a virtual snowball.

Scoop up creatures and food in a virtual Cup attached to your device. Feed them, carry them where you want, and even pour them into the basket by tipping over your device! And you can play with other people running Creatures AR on your WiFi network. You’ll see their phones and tablets, how they’re moving, and what they’re doing in the virtual world. It’s shared real-time augmented reality.

Pantomime™ offers the first interactive, networked, mobile 3D virtual worlds for consumers – with no need for a virtual reality headset or any new hardware. The apps let tablet and phone users look around and reach into physically realistic first person 3D worlds, using their mobile devices both as immersive 3D viewers and accurate 3D game paddles. Users can see their devices and their nimble, animated virtual hands — through their own screens, in virtual mirrors, and in worlds shared with other users, who can Teleport into the same scene over local WiFi networks.