Pantomime™ software lets users reach in and interact in physically realistic 3D virtual reality worlds, turning any mobile device into a gyro-accurate 3D controller.

The device’s screen looks like a pane of glass showing the virtual world through it, seamlessly merged with the live scene on the other side. Users can thus realistically touch, paddle, tap, bounce, scoop, knock over virtual objects, etc. in the 3D world by tipping and swinging the device to reach in.

Mac Tablets and HandsIn this easy new experience, the mobile device in your hand is fully modeled and immersed to interact in the virtual world, whether you’re wearing a VR headset or not.

Pantomime’s patented core technology provides uniquely fast, accurate, mobile-friendly 3D tracking with no need for a camera or costly vision processing, ensuring low latency, high frame rates, and realism. Unlike previous solutions, Pantomime uses a model of how mobile devices are physically supported: tipped on a table, or gripped in a user’s hand.

Most important, Pantomime VR worlds are natively networked and cross-platform. Users can can instantly Teleport into a shared VR scene.

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