Immersive Virtual Worlds for the Rest of Us

No headsets. No new gadgets. Just magic.

Now every iPad, iPhone, and Mac can interact in shared 3D worlds.

The revolutionary Pantomime™ software platform turns any tablet, smart phone or computer into a portal into shared virtual worlds.  Pantomime lets any mobile user visit shared worlds, reach in, and interact, lifting the key barriers to mass adoption of VR by consumers: easy access, reaching in, sharing, and mobility.

Pantomime™ software lets users reach in and interact in physically realistic 3D worlds, turning any mobile device into a gyro-accurate 3D controller.  The device’s screen looks like a pane of glass showing the virtual world through it, seamlessly merged with the live scene on the other side. Users can thus realistically touch, paddle, tap, bounce, scoop, knock over virtual objects, etc. in the 3D world by tipping and swinging the device to reach in.  In this easy new experience, the mobile device in your hand is fully modeled and immersed to interact in virtual worlds.