Pantomime Technology

Sharing and Mobility

The Pantomime™ platform for virtual reality is natively shared and truly mobile. Pantomime’s unique patented relative motion tracking requires headset, camera or other setup.

Pantomime Everywhere

On a tabletop full of ordinary computers and tablets, Pantomime makes every one of them part of the virtual world.
While a laptop and iMac drive through the scene, users interact in 3D by moving or grabbing a tablet or phone to reach in.

Pantomime on Windows

Every device sees the virtual world, the users’ hands – and even itself! Here’s the vain Lenovo Y50 laptop being welcomed into virtual reality sharing a world with an iPad, both seen in a virtual mirror.

Pantomime on Android

Pantomime works on all popular consumer computing devices. Here we see an Nexus 9 device running Android. The game and the interfaces are identical to what you find with the larger iPad or smaller iPad mini or iPhone.