Pantomime Corporation

Pantomime logo 1024x1024Pantomime Corporation was founded in April 2014 by virtual reality pioneer Dr. David Levitt and Don Hopkins, core programmer for the most successful PC game franchise in history, The Sims.  The firm quickly won the Silicon Valley Launch World Cup for Digital Media / Mobile.

Pantomime Corporation’s revolutionary virtual reality software platform turns any tablet, smart phone or computer into a portal into shared virtual worlds — headgear optional.  Pantomime™ lets any mobile user visit shared worlds, reach in, and interact.  Pantomime thus lifts the key barriers to mass adoption of VR by consumers: easy access, reaching in, sharing, and mobility.

Pantomime patented technology lets users interact with physically realistic 3D virtual worlds using models of how each mobile device is being tipped on a table or gripped in a user’s hand. The device’s screen becomes both a gyro-stabilized paddle and a pane of glass, seamlessly immersed in virtual worlds as users interact realistically.  They touch, paddle, tap, bounce, scoop, knock over objects, and more in the 3D world by tipping and swinging the device.

Pantomime Corporation’s headquarters is in Sebastopol, California.

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