david_levittDavid Levitt
Founder and CEO 
Creator of hit and award-winning iOS, Palm, Mac apps.  Virtual Reality pioneer at VPL Research.  Patents in media, VR and augmented reality.  Created ConnectedTV controller/guide; visual languages.
MIT doctorate in AI, B.S. from Yale.
don_hopkinsDon Hopkins
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Core Developer of The Sims™. Still the most successful PC game franchise of all time! 175M units with $3B in revenue so far. Widened markets, revolutionized video game industry.
eric_hedmanEric Hedman
Content Lead
Key Content Developer for The Sims™.
Visual Design, Art and Animation Lead: The Sims Expansion Packs.
Art Director: 3DO, Rockyou.



Arthur van Hoff
Leadership in VR, mobile and internet

Tahn-Joo-ChinTahn Joo Chin
Entrepreneur, investor

Jon Kroll
Award winning TV, movie, participatory content producer

Dr. Cordell Green
Leadership in computing and Artificial Intelligence, including DARPA programs in packet switching and speech that became The Internet, Siri, etc.

Duncan Campbell
Entrepreneur, investor

Charlotte Westfall, Esq.
Advises on market entry strategy, corporate development and branding for U.S. companies seeking access to the Chinese consumer market.

Fred Gregarus
Decades of expertise in Silicon Valley technology sector seed and venture capital financings and US-Asia transactions