New Apple TV and iPad Pro Perfect for Pantomime

It’s often a magical holiday when Apple introduces new products, especially for Pantomime. This September’s announcements are a delight in both expected and unexpected ways.

We were hoping there’d be an iPad Pro product introduction in our stocking, and we weren’t disappointed. The extra large tablet screen widens the field of view for our unique immersive experiences, and makes new architectural and other enterprise applications practical.

iPad ProWith the new iPad mini 4, now the astonishing 3D performance we get on the iPad Air 2 is available on an affordable tablet no larger than a ping pong paddle. And since it’s as thin as the Air 2, the entire device is a vibrating speaker. With our haptic audio, you actually feel the virtual objects you touch with it. We can hardly wait.

Apple TV Siri RemoteThe extra surprise came in the Apple TV redesign. We suspected Apple would finally open up Apple TV to developers with something like tvOS – letting us run our apps directly on Apple TV, rather than through it from a Mac or mobile using AirPlay. Including our TV screens in our immersive worlds means the biggest screen in the house can contribute hugely to the shared experience.  tvOS turns the Apple TV in to a kind of room sized game console – and with Pantomime, any iPad or iPhone in the room becomes a free, fast, gyro-accurate game paddle.

But the new included Siri Remote Control is heaven sent. It has all the key elements for reaching into Pantomime worlds: gyroscope, accelerometer, multitouch and networking. So now out of the box – without even connecting to a Mac, tablet or AirPlay – Apple TV owners will be able to use Pantomime’s easy, natural, patented methods for reaching into virtual worlds – and with the option of adding any iPad, iPhone or Mac on the network to the scene too!

Thanks Apple.  You could hardly have made your September announcements friendlier to Pantomime.

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