Robert Scoble Discovers Pantomime Networked Virtual Reality

“This is the gateway drug for Oculus — and the coolest s[tuff]* for Christmas!”

This week tech and AR/VR journalist Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) spent an hour with the Pantomime software team, reaching into networked VR worlds, and never had to put on a headset!  Amid virtual worlds that included live interactive creatures in the Bug Farm, a Bowling alley, Dominos, a Gravity Dispenser and other surprises, the interview – with Pantomime CEO David Levitt and Content Lead Eric Hedman – ranged from mobile vs tethered VR, to developer tools, to the future of casual VR everywhere.

Scoble: “Some AR technology will be great in 2-3-4 years.  Yours works for consumers right now because all you need is something you already have.”  Scoble streamed the scene to hundreds of excited, interacting viewers via Facebook Live and recorded it.Scoble in VR with no headsetScoble - iPhone and iMac in Bug Farm

As we left, Bob was making sure his and his kids’ iPads would have Pantomime Bug Farm on them for the holidays.

“Magical… tantalizing… very innovative!”

“Impressive – Bug Farm worked seamlessly across six networked devices, each being able to control the action. …Third-party developers will have a wide range of options for incorporating the technology into their own multi-user applications.”

News Release:
Pantomime Introduces Networked Virtual/Augmented Reality with Bug Farm Apps

Video Overview:
Pantomime – Virtual Worlds for the Rest of Us

Scoble - Virtual Bowling Alley

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