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  1. Pantomime Support July 20, 2015 at 9:15 am #

    Installing Pantomime Playground for Mac

    Pantomime Playground runs on desktop and laptop computers — including every kind of Mac! Install this beta software to play in the kinds of vast multi-machine worlds you’ve seen in Pantomime videos. Click the link above to download it.

    Since it’s not from the App Store yet, to install it you’ll need to take these steps in the Finder:
    • when it’s done downloading, double-click the new Zip file so an Application file is created from it
    • the first time you launch it you’ll have to:
    — Control-click the App icon (double-clicking the app icon won’t work yet)
    — select Open from the pop-up Menu so it has permission to run on your Mac
    — click Open in the next dialog, to run Pantomime Playground on your Mac
    Once it’s installed this way, in the future you can simply double-click the app icon.

    After launch, press the Esc key to hide or show the Quick Start Help. The initial Keyboard Help scene instructions will show how to use the Arrow Keys, Shift (faster), Option (turn) and Space (straighten), as well as advanced left- and right-hand game key clusters, to move your computer through virtual worlds. In Pantomime worlds, your “stationary” computers are more mobile than you ever dreamed!


  1. Pantomime Corp. представила социальную платформу иммерсивной реальности Playground — Голографика - September 3, 2015

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