for Augmented Reality

Less Setup
In camera-based Augmented Reality tracking systems you have to make sure your mobile device’s camera is facing a special printed placemat you must print out in advance – and you have to keep pointed at it while you play!  You don’t need any of that for Pantomime.

More Robust
Lighting or lack of it, camera obstructions — they stop most Augmented Reality demonstrations in their tracks.  None of it matters to Pantomime.

More Mobile
Pantomime experiences are perfect for table tops and floors, with your tablet or phone resting partly on the table as you easily tip and paddle it.

But Pantomime is also the most mobile 3D virtual and augmented reality platform ever.  It doesn’t just work perfectly on any flat table or floor.  It works in mid air.

Sitting in a car or on a bus with no table?  No problem.  Pantomime can automatically draw a patch of tabletop under your tablet, and making the same footstep sounds it would if it was touching a real table!  And when you move your tablet as if you’re walking it on its corners — when you pantomime it – it really happens in virtual reality!

In a truly mobile game experience, freedom NOT to move or turn is also key.  Here again Pantomime has the camera target-tracking AR systems beat.

With our simple pan and turn touch gestures, you never have to get up from your seat or turn around.  You’ll never be bored on a car or bus trip again.

More Realistic
Since Pantomime doesn’t spend your mobile CPU on image processing, it can be devoted to making worlds physically realistic.  Collisions, momentum, shadows and sounds are all perfectly real.
And Pantomime experiences are intimate.  It’s not about pretending to shoot a zombie across the room.  Because most mobile cameras are on one corner or edge of the device, When it comes to hitting something with your phone or tablet, camera based AR tracking systems literally don’t come close.

More Magical

Pantomime’s patented augmented reality illusions can turn a single photo into a seamless simulation of a stationary tabletop behind the mobile screen.

Some viewers, imagining they’ve figured out our “invisibility” illusion, say, “Wow, I didn’t realize that camera could focus so close!”, not suspecting that the actual camera image would be not just out of focus, but completely black.  They’re certain they’re seeing live video of the table.  The magic works.

Better Displays
Modern high resolution and retinal handheld displays offer viewers utterly seamless images with no pixels and no optics — aside from glasses you might be wearing — from most any viewpoint you can reach with your hands.  By comparison, head-mounted displays are too close to focus on, have weird optics, and often look grainy with distorted colors.

More Thrilling 3D
If looking at Pantomime 3D feels somehow way more 3D than other 3D game apps — you’re right.
With Pantomime you’re getting 30 slightly different views of the scene through your mobile device every second — all perfectly in concert with the slightest motion of the device in your hand.  That’s kind of like the thrill of binocular stereo vision — the realism of a separate image in each eye — but with way more interactive 3D reality coming at you.  So without wearing a helmet with a separate view for each eye, Pantomime feels like stereo on steroids!

Once you’ve played in Pantomime worlds, ordinary 3D apps that don’t change when you move your device look flatter than ever.

For mobile devices, an app without Pantomime™ isn’t really 3D yet.

Better for Users
Previous augmented reality platforms, with their pre-printed place mats and other constraints, work best in kiosks and museums.  Head-mounted VR systems are unavailable or cost plenty, and only let one user in.

Pantomime offers virtual and augmented reality for the rest of us.

A New 3D Game Platform
Pantomime joins Kinect and Wii as innovative motion-based controller design ideally suited for game play.  The difference is, Pantomime is a software solution that runs on common mobile devices to provide precise real-time 3D control capabilities.

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