Pantomime Bug Farm

Pantomime Bug Farm is the first interactive, networked, immersive virtual world you can visit with any iPad, iPhone, or Mac – and you can even Teleport over WiFi to play with other people!

In the Pantomime Bug Farm world, your devices are pursued by predatory bugs. You can evade them by moving, keep them at bay by throwing balls, shove them, squash them against the table under your mobile device, fling them off it with a paddle swing, attract them with bait balls, and feed them other insects until they’re huge.

Bug Farm is just one scene in an extensive Pantomime Playground™ experience that lets users choose scenes and select Throwable objects to play with, letting users create original scenes and completely unique experiences.

Your device is balanced on a tabletop that’s teeming with predatory bugs.  Fire Ants, Spiders, Scorpions and Praying Mantises are coming after you across the table in 3D!  You can knock them back with balls by tapping the screen, walk or skate away – and if they get close enough, you can even squish them under your iPad or iPhone!

Bug Farm is the latest scene in the Pantomime Playground app.  Pantomime is the revolutionary new platform that lets you reach into 3D virtual worlds with your mobile devices.  It’s immersive digital reality for the rest of us – and for the new age of computing everywhere.

Pantomime expands virtual and augmented reality so everyone can play – by including all the devices we’re surrounded with every day.  Our computers themselves become immersed in virtual worlds!  Their screens become panes of glass, portals that let us see in.  Our tablets and phones become gyro accurate 3D paddles that let us reach in and interact.  We can turn in every direction and see the virtual worlds through them, without a headset or special glasses.  We can see our nimble virtual hands in the world as they interact.  And we can even Teleport into shared worlds over WiFi.

Pantomime Playground isn’t a game – it’s the introduction of a new immersive technology, with a changing gallery of small, magical, physically realistic Scenes you can interact with and even play with others in.

A Long Press on the center of the screen lets you explore other Scenes, adjust Settings, Connect with others and more.


  • Bug Farm – defend against bugs by throwing balls or squishing them flat
  • Gravity Dispenser – delicate Gravity Ampules change the scene’s gravity to Earth, Moon, or No Gravity when cracked
  • Bowling Lane with pin setter
  • Dominos – a machine is placing dominos in a circle.  Reach in with your tablet or phone and play.  Can you start a chain reaction?
  • Touch Help – shows how to reach in, move and play using a tablet or phone
  • Keyboard Help – interact using using a computer or device with a keyboard

Choose from over a dozen kinds of objects to toss or place into 3D worlds — from balls, dice and dominos, to sticky dirt and asteroids that defy gravity.  And Throwables have helpful built-in physics – so in landscape, when you tap a Domino you gently place it, while a Bowling Ball automatically rolls forward.

To bring up the main Menu in any virtual world, do a Long Press on the center of the screen.  The Menu lets you choose a Scene, adjust Settings and Throwables, Connect with other players on the WiFi network, and more.  To dismiss the Menu, tap the center again: Back to Virtual World.

Launch Pantomime Playground and look through your iPad (or iPhone). Its screen is now made of glass and it’s balanced on a virtual wooden table. If you lay your device flat, you’ll see the easy Quick Start Guide over the virtual table.

Tip your iPad up and turn to look around. You’re surrounded by stone tablets showing how to Walk, Tumble and Paddle your device through in 3D worlds, and how to Skate, Spin, or Throw objects – simply drag, twist or tap on the screen.

If you have more than one device on your WiFi network running Pantomime Bug Farm, they can join the same virtual world and interact!  Select Connect from the main menu; then select a device you want to connect to from the list, or enter its address; and then tap Teleport.

Pantomime Bug Farm and Playground are a revolutionary networked suite of apps that runs across iOS, Mac, and soon, other platforms.  Easy controls with Arrow and gamer style WASD keys let you move your Mac through the world across the table. It’s more than twice amazing to see into shared Pantomime worlds with a big screen MacBook, iMac or other Mac over WiFi!

Elements of Pantomime Bug Farm and Pantomime Playground™ are protected by patents such as US Patent 8,872,854.